About us

Novus Habitat offers a complete solution for people who are thinking about buying a real estate in Spain

We specialize in the sale of new builds in the Costa Blanca area and have properties from all major construction companies in the area.

Our focus is primarily on service to our buyers, follow-up and after-sales service. We are here for you!

Novus Habitat BENEFITS

Before the property is handed over to the buyer, Novus Habitat quality manager will inspect the property and review all finishing issues with the building party and ensure that the property is flawless and meets our quality requirements. Our opinion is that when you receive the property the delivery is smooth and easy , you should not have to chase the building party if something is wrong, we will take care of everything for you.

Our customers automatically go to the Novus Habitat loyalty club and enjoy special deals in furniture and equipment stores, and literally everything needed to complete the home along with network connections, insurance, security systems, etc.

We also offer a Novus Habitat employee to assist you through the process and take you to stores and assist you all the way if requested.


NOVUS HABITAT properties specializes in the sale of new buildings as well as the resale of properties that have been purchased with us. We make sure we know the properties we are selling very well and the builder behind the property, we do not sell for anyone, we hand-pick our properties.

We also place great emphasis on knowing the area we serve well. It is a big part of our service to get to know the neighborhoods well and what each area has to offer. In our opinion, location and right neighborhood are most important, followed by the property itself. Therefor, we strive to get to know our customers and thus be able to guide you in choosing a location that suits your lifestyle.

We specialize in the sale of new buildings in the costa blanca area and have properties from all major construction companies in the area.

Our focus is primarily on service to our buyers, follow-up and after-sales service. We are here for you!

The Buying process

Here are some of the key things to keep in mind when buying a property in Spain.

After buying a property, you do not have to worry about being left alone with the various issues that may arise. Follow-up and assistance with anything is easy to obtain from us and the Novus Habitat team is ready to help.

Our goal is to make the process convenient and easy for you.

The prospective buyer must apply for a so-called NIE number, which is a Spanish ID number and must open a bank account. To get an NIE number, you have to go through a certain application process with the police and it can take a few days, we can take care of it for you, usually in one day. NIE number: € 150 per person for the creation of an NIE number (ID number).
Interest rates on financing housing purchases are very favorable for Spanish banks, interest rates are non-indexed and generally very low. Interest rates are either fixed or variable. With variable interest rates, the interest rates are structured in such a way that they are based on the EURIBOR interest rate at any given time, together with the interest rate spread of the bank in question. However, the variable interest rates are usually fixed for the first 12 – 24 months and then they are always revised every 12 months and raised or lowered depending on the level of the EURIBOR interest rate at that time. The bank’s interest rate spread never changes. The loan terms also usually contain a provision to the effect that the interest rate never exceeds a certain percentage and never falls below a certain percentage. With a fixed interest rate, the interest rate is determined right from the start and is fixed throughout the loan period.
There is a cost of buying real estate in Spain. The buyer of a property must pay VAT on the declared purchase price to the Spanish state upon signing the title deeds. In general, the cost of the purchase can run into around 13% – 14% of the total cost calculated from the purchase price of the property and paid on sale. VAT: Is 10% of the stated price.
Notary costs: Is a fixed document and administration cost and varies according to the price of the property but can be around 0.5% of the stated price.
Registration fee for purchase agreement: 1.5% of the stated purchase price.
Registration fee for a loan: 1.5% of the loan amount if a loan is taken out.
About 0,5 to 1.0% of the loan amount if a loan is taken.
Bank valuation: € 150-400 depending on the size of the property – if a loan is taken.
Energy contracts: 300 – 500 € for the establishment of water and electricity contracts for the purchase of a new building.
Operating costs vary depending on the size and type of property. Most properties have access to a pool garden and the arrangement in Spain is such that each owner pays a community fee "Community fee" to cover all common costs, e.g. swimming pool cleaning, gardening, lighting of common areas, etc. The amount of water, electricity and gas bills varies and depends on the use at any given time. Real estate insurance is advantageous. Examples of operating costs and taxes on an annual basis based on real estate valued at € 200,000
1000 – 1500 € per year. invoice comes every 3 months.
€ 300-450 once a year (can be distributed in monthly installments)
100-200 € once a year.
500-800 € per year. monthly payments.

Our team

Kristjan Sveinsson


Sales manager for Iceland and the United Kingdom

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Marketing manager

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Django Dhanyns

Sales manager

for Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Spain

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Receptionist / sales manager

for Russia, Ukraine, Spain and England

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Consultant manager

office in Aalst (Belgium)

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Sesselía Rán Sigurðardóttir

Sales/ after-sales manager

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